what is produced water in fracking?

What Is Produced Water in Hydraulic Fracturing and How to Reduce Water Usage

The Shale oil boom of 2009 caused an upturn of events on the global energy scene. The United States went from a premier importer of global oil and gas to a major producer. This was made possible using a combination of horizontal drilling and the breakthrough technology known as hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing represents the […]

conventional vs. unconventional oil and gas

Conventional vs. Unconventional Oil & Gas Wells in the U.S.

In the last decade, the global Oil & Gas industry has witnessed a dramatic turn of events in the energy supply equation. Because of renewed efforts and successful adoption of technologies like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, the U.S has become a major producer of hydrocarbons, ending many decades of dependency on foreign oil. With […]

open-hole completion vs. cased-hole completion

Open Hole Completion vs. Cased Hole Completion

  After drilling operations have been concluded, it becomes necessary for the wellbore to be Completed – the process of preparing the well for the production phase. The entire well completion process includes everything from casing the wellbore to cementing, plug and perf operations, gravel packing, and installation of a Production tree (or ‘Christmas Tree’) […]

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